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Cassandra Syndrome
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Band Members

Irene Jericho
Jay Jericho
Jen Tonon
Chris Kackley
Matt Farkas
Jen Tonon
Rhythm Guitar, Bass & Backing Vocals
Matt Farkas
Keys, Bass


Cassandra Syndrome is a Maryland-based Symphonic/Gothic Metal band brimming with explosive riffs, operatic punch and infectious energy. This female-fronted powerhouse combines elements that are simultaneously dark and beautiful. Forcefully heavy riffs and a healthy dose of groove combine with soaring soprano vocals to create what Metal Bite calls “[P]ure metal magic... music with a purpose while still blowing your doors off with an attack that is as brutal as a shark feeding frenzy.”

The band’s intense, high-energy performances have proven time and again that they are not an act to miss live. The heated musical edginess and dark, angry undertones of the band’s studio releases come to life on stage, delivering a concert experience with staying power. The potent alliance of Jen Tonon's scathing rhythm guitar riffs, throbbing beats of Jay Jericho's drums and atmospheric magic of Matt Farkas's keys create a driving ground assault which weakens your defenses before being met by the searing lead lines of guitarist Chris Kackley. Above it all, radiant as Angelic Death, the resplendent soprano of Irene Jericho soars above the battlefield. The music of Cassandra Syndrome is “sung with a vocal hard to forget, over a metal framework hard to duplicate.” – Sonic Cathedral

Cassandra Syndrome is distrbuted in the UK by Ravenheart Records.

The band is currently in studio recording their third album, title to be announced. Past performances include Ram's Head Live, the Ottobar, Shiley Acres, the Recher Theater, Empire, Sonar, Sidebar, Club Orpheus, The Asylum, Bound, DC Midnight, Alley Katz and many more. Cassandra Syndrome has also been featured in festivals at Battery Park, NY, Winchester, VA, North Andover, MA, College Park, MD and Richmond, VA. The band has shared the stage with Kamelot, HELLYEAH, Team Cybergeist, LANSDOWNE, A Sound of Thunder, Fallen Martyr, Benedictum, Echoterra, DesDemon, Division, Operatika, The Dreamscapes Project and more.


Cassandra Syndrome was formed in November of 2005 by Irene and Jay, their friend Joe Cariola and two former members of folk rock band Revel Moon, BJ Robey and Brett McCoy. In the band's original incarnation, BJ played rhythm guitar and Brett played lead.

Brett McCoy left Cassandra Syndrome to pursue an independent musical project in late fall of 2006. Chris Kackley joined as lead guitarist in December of the same year.

Cassandra Syndrome's first EP, Dissent Into Heresy, was released in May of 2007.The band toured in support of the EP all over the East Coast.

BJ Robey left Cassandra Syndrome in January of 2008 and for a while, CS was a four-piece. The band recorded their first full-length album, Of Patriots and Tyrants, after signing with Figmental Records in February of 2008. The album was produced by Keith Center and Jeremy Rodgers of The Dreamscapes Project.

Toward the end of work on Of Patriots and Tyrants, Katie Doherty came on board as a rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist. She performed with Cassandra Syndrome from February of 2009 till March of 2010. Jen Tonon joined the band that same month as the new rhythm guitarist.

Cassandra Syndrome released their second full-length album, Satire X, August 1st, 2011. Recorded over the winter of 2010 and early spring of 2011, Satire X was produced by Jeremy Rodgers and Lani Urreta.

The band saw a combination of membership changes during April of 2012. Bassist and original member Joe Cariola left the band. His final performance was April 14th, 2012. That performance was also the first Cassandra Syndrome show for keyboardist Matt Farkas. The band brought on a new bassist, Greg King, during the month of April as well. He was introduced at his first show with Cassandra Syndrome on May 26th, 2012.

Greg King left Cassandra Syndrome in November of 2012 to return home to Texas. He was replaced by bassist Jack Sossman who performed with Cassandra Syndrome from April to August 2013. After the departure of Sossman, the role of bass was shared between rhythm guitarist Jen Tonon and keyboardist Matt Farkas.


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